StressItOut progress

Happy 2011!!
StressItOut has evolved quite a lot since the last blog entry. It has new tests, although they are almost dummies at the moment, the main menu works, there’s a new “log” tab which will hold detailed information during the test run, and some fixes here and there.

StressItOut running tests

This is the new “log” tab, shown along with the menu option to save the log to a file:

SIO log tab

And this is the not-so-new “configuration” tab, with a new (temporary) addition to enable the user to type the device names of the serial ports to be used by the serial port test. Tests that haven’t been created yet have been disabled.

SIO configuration tab

The code is hosted here on Gitorious.
Hopefully I’ll have something usable soon. For now I’ll stick to the versioning scheme that shows this software is not exactly finished 😛

SIO is also on Qt-apps now.

Have fun!


4 Responses to StressItOut progress

  1. nathan says:

    just compiled it easily with qmake + make.
    looks good. cpu test causes about 50% load in my system.

    btw, 3d test is enabled in configuration tab, but it does not appear.

    • Jan says:

      3D test does not exist yet, that’s why its checkbox is disabled for now 🙂
      (even though it’s checked by default, which doesn’t make any sense yet)

      CPU test uses threads now (didn’t at the time of this post), up to 64, configurable, and can really create a high load. It needs a lot of improvement yet, anyway.


    • Jan says:

      I’ll probably allow for a lot more threads, btw, like 128 or more. It’s pretty trivial, and should be up to the user to use too many or not. Using all the resources is what this tool’s all about 😀

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