Duke Nukem on your systray: DukeTrayem

I’ve been working a lot on StressItOut, the hardware stress and test program since the last blog entry, but, since I’m still learning, I wanted another project to work on.

Since I couldn’t (yet) find any valid idea (something relatively simple, but useful, that someone could be needing and not have on GNU/Linux), I went with one of my not-useful ideas: Duke Nukem for your system tray.

DukeTrayem 0.1

Why Duke Nukem? He was known for his bad language and interesting quotes spoken during the course of the games. This program adds a Duke Nukem icon to the system tray, and will speak those quotes, in a popup, at random times.

The user will be able to add custom sentences, so it could be used as some sort of nagging reminder (“get to work!” or “study!!”). This is not yet done.
In the future I might add other characters, with their quotes (Chuck Norris facts, anyone? ;))

You can get this useful piece of… uh… software, here: https://gitlab.com/duketrayem/duketrayem-dev


4 Responses to Duke Nukem on your systray: DukeTrayem

  1. msx says:

    Muy divertido! 😀
    I was peeking in your code trying to find the section where the pop-up duration is set just to find there’s already there the option to set the duration interval 😛 – it have to be something with my hacking nature, to peek an application code before even right-click the icon =_=

    Anyways, it’s awesome to have Duke right in my traybar, as I could have a little more time I will package it for Archlinux.


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