Just a quick update to say two things:

1.- If you try Dianara, the Diaspora App, in its 0.2 version from nonGNU or Qt-apps, it won’t get any posts in the timeline. Some stuff has been changed in Diaspora, so you’ll need to test the development version of Dianara directly from Git.

2.- If you have problems running Auralquiz, my music guessing game (if it doesn’t play sound), check if you’re using Phonon-backend-gstreamer in your Phonon configuration. If so, try using Phonon-backend-vlc.

Auralquiz does not work right with the Gstreamer backend at this point, I don’t know yet if it’s some regression in the latest Phonon-gstreamer or a problem in the way Auralquiz handles things. Switching to the vlc-backend should help. Or the xine-backend, if you still can.



7 Responses to Mini-update

  1. Antonio says:

    Hi !
    Your ‘Dianara’ is a project interesting.
    I have just compiled it on my Fedora 17 and there are two issues that i want tell you:

    – On ‘Account Details’ is ‘access token’ my Diaspora password ? If yes, typing it is visible.
    – Timeline update fails, probably it is not connected, its log reports:

    Getting list of aspects

    === This only works with Pistos fork of Diaspora! ===

    Request finished. HTTP code: 404
    Size: 1827 bytes; URL: QUrl( “” )
    isFinished()? true


    • JanKusanagi says:

      Hi! No, your “token” is not your password.
      It’s a long key that you can find in your Diaspora settings, _if_ your pod is based on Pistos fork (like old or Calispora, for instance).
      It’s visible because it’s not a password.

      Also, if your account is in a pistos-based pod, you can’t receive the timeline, but you can post to it. This is detailed in the README, I think.


  2. […] a side note, sometimes I get visits from people looking for information on why Auralquiz doesn’t work for them. Well, all I can say for now is: use the Phonon-VLC backend. Phonon-Xine worked great with it, but […]

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