Debian and openSUSE packages!

Hello there!

Dianara 0.9 will be released soon, but in the meantime, David Lara made some Dianara packages for openSUSE. You can find them here:

On a related note, thanks to Mònica Ramírez, Dianara is now in Debian’s NEW queue, and hopefully will be available in Sid repositories soon 😉

A huge “thanks” goes to both of them, and to any other packagers out there that I might not be aware of 😉


5 Responses to Debian and openSUSE packages!

  1. JanKusanagi says:

    Oh, and now I see that a PKGBUILD has been added to Chakra’s CCR too!

    Thanks, Gadi!

  2. cyberkiller1 says:

    Great news!

  3. cyberkiller1 says:

    Any hope for updated versions in that repo? It’s still on 0.8.

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