StressItOut is a free (as in ‘freedom’) hardware stressing and testing program for GNU/Linux.

Its main purpose is to strain the computer to ensure the hardware is in good state. There are several test modules: CPU load, memory test, 2D OpenGL painting, 3D OpenGL rendering, hard drives, optical drives, serial ports transmission, and parallel ports. Support for lm-sensors is in the works.

This software, when ready for release, will mainly be aimed at the QA departments of hardware-manufacturing companies, who need to ensure their newly produced machines perform correctly under heavy workloads, and that all their components work as expected.

StressItOut 3D test

As of June 2012, the current stable release is v0.1. It is still alpha-quality, but it can be tested and maybe used for some basic testing and monitoring. Some of the tests are already useful, like the CPU Test, the 2D and 3D tests and the Optical Drive Test. There is basic sensors information.

You can read my original introduction for StressItOut and check the StressItOut category on this blog for more information.

You can download the source code for the current stable release here:

You can also get the latest development source code for SIO on

If you use Archlinux, you can find it in AUR:

You can also find packages for Alt Linux on their Sisyphus repository.

Hope you can find it useful, and any feedback is welcome.


6 Responses to StressItOut

  1. stqn says:

    Hi Jan,

    SIO doesn’t build (under Arch Linux) with Qt 4.8 because gluPerspective isn’t provided by Qt anymore. (See

    You just have to add #include in test3d.cpp and also -lGLU (not sure where that would fit in the .pro).

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