Auralquiz screencast

December 17, 2011

Just a quick update to link to a video showing the game in action.

Auralquiz Type-The-Answer mode

And a list of the main changes in what will be version 0.7:

– Translation files are included in the binary as resources and loaded correctly.
Metadata analysis is performed using TagLib, which is a new dependency.
– Sound control now relies on Phonon States, works better with all backends.
– Hardcore difficulty level now uses the “Type-the-answer” mode.


Uh… Auralquiz 0.6 released

August 10, 2011

Just a little over 10 days after v0.5, here comes Auralquiz 0.6!

A bug was discovered in 0.5 which caused a crash during analysis of the music files in the user’s folders, if there were many files without valid metadata (no artist and/or title fields).
This has been fixed, among other things, and also a few small improvements.

Auralquiz main menu

After selecting “Start game”, the main game options appear: difficulty level, amount of questions, amount of players, and their names.

Auralquiz game options

As always get it here:

And as always, feedback is welcome!

*UPDATE: Packages for Mandriva available here, thanks to Symbianflo.

Auralquiz v0.5 is out!

July 29, 2011

You can get it from Qt-apps, here:

Or from Gitorious, but the source in Gitorious might change at anytime, so for v0.5, it’s better to get it from

Also, if you’re a Slackware user, somebody from prepared a package:

Thanks, Gohanz!

Speaking of provided packages, an Archlinux user created a PKGBUILD in AUR for Stressitout, here:

Thanks, Unikum!

Auralquiz v0.5 and new beat ’em up game, Enwith

June 21, 2011

Overdue update!

Since last time, the music questions game, Auralquiz has seen a lot of improvements.

Current version on is 0.4, already nicely playable and complete.

The current version on Gitorious, which will become v0.5, adds some new graphics, the possibility of multiplayer games (in progress), custom colors (this will be optional, the ones in the screenshot are temporary), and fixes for the Phonon Gstreamer backend. Currently, Auralquiz works best with Phonon xine backend, works about right with Gstreamer, and doesn’t work with VLC backend. I need to look into this, but unfortunately every Phonon backend works a little differently.

As for the other project, it’s a new game, codenamed “Enwith“.

It’s basically a fighting game, in the style of classical Beat ‘Em Up‘s like Streets of Rage or Final Fight, but with lots of simultaneous enemies and very small levels to fight in.

Mandatory screenshot (the character’s sprite is temporary, until I can have my own):

This game is still very young, and I don’t have my own sprites yet, that’s why it’s not currently in

Right now you can walk around with the caracter, with walking animation, you can jump (end key) and punch (del key), and add lots of enemies. You can’t hit them yet, and their movement is just temporary.

This time a game: Auralquiz

February 17, 2011

Time for a new project. This time it’s a simple game, a music quiz.

This is the temporary initial screen. The current logo is basically a ripoff of one of the mime-type Oxygen icons, by Nuno Pinheiro and the Oxygen team.
Actually, I haven’t asked yet if this is OK, but I guess it will be 🙂


The idea behind the game is not new, but what I’ve seen available for GNU/Linux is either old, GTK-based, or just an Amarok script.

The game plays short pieces of music files from the player’s folders, and presents a question and several answers about the current song. The fastest the answer, the more points the player receives.

Auralquiz will be a full application, and hopefully, with several game modes, multiplayer mode, etc. It is based on Qt and Phonon.

As with my other projects, you can get the source at Gitorious:

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