Auralquiz v0.5 is out!

July 29, 2011

You can get it from Qt-apps, here:

Or from Gitorious, but the source in Gitorious might change at anytime, so for v0.5, it’s better to get it from

Also, if you’re a Slackware user, somebody from prepared a package:

Thanks, Gohanz!

Speaking of provided packages, an Archlinux user created a PKGBUILD in AUR for Stressitout, here:

Thanks, Unikum!


This time a game: Auralquiz

February 17, 2011

Time for a new project. This time it’s a simple game, a music quiz.

This is the temporary initial screen. The current logo is basically a ripoff of one of the mime-type Oxygen icons, by Nuno Pinheiro and the Oxygen team.
Actually, I haven’t asked yet if this is OK, but I guess it will be 🙂


The idea behind the game is not new, but what I’ve seen available for GNU/Linux is either old, GTK-based, or just an Amarok script.

The game plays short pieces of music files from the player’s folders, and presents a question and several answers about the current song. The fastest the answer, the more points the player receives.

Auralquiz will be a full application, and hopefully, with several game modes, multiplayer mode, etc. It is based on Qt and Phonon.

As with my other projects, you can get the source at Gitorious:

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