Beta for Dianara 1.3.6

December 8, 2016

This will be a small release, with the following improvements:

  • HTTP redirections will be followed when loading images (Qt 5 only).
  • Duration of popup notifications is now configurable, and notifications can be set to be persistent.
  • Several input fields will show a button to clear them (Qt 5 only).
  • Added full Galician translation by EVAnaRkISTO.

Building with Qt 5.x is recommended. As you can see, a couple of the new things will only be there if Qt 5 is used.

You can clone it with git:

If you maintain any of the translations, now is a good time to update them. Thanks!

Testing and feedback is, as always, welcome!


Dianara as a client

May 22, 2013

Hello there!

So Dianara is being turned into a client. Current version in gitorious can now post (with some text formatting), see the last 20 posts in your timeline (with number of comments, likes and shares, but not the comments themselves), and list the people you follow (not your followers, yet).

First step is to configure the account. The process is still a little rough, but it should be pretty straightforward:

  1. Enter your pump address (user@pumpserver.something), push the “Get Verifier” button.
  2. Your web browser opens up with the right address for your pump server, asking for authorization (you might need to log in first).
  3. After you authorize Dianara, you get a “token”, and a “Verification code“. Copy that verification code and paste it in Dianara’s account configuration window.
  4. Click on “Authorize Application“. A text should appear indicating that Dianara is authorized to access your data.
  5. Click “Save Details“.
  6. Profit!

Now your timeline should appear and you should be able to post.

Hopefully Dianara will be a semi-capable client once makes the switch to the system on June 1st.

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