StressItOut v0.0.013 release

September 6, 2011

StressItOut v0.0.013, OpenGL 3D test

StressItOut v0.0.013 has been released.

You can download it from Qt-apps

Next version will be 0.1, since StressItOut is becoming more mature and complete 🙂

Current status for v0.0.013:

– Basic system analysis and hardware detection.
– Logging works.
– Functional multi-threaded CPU test (very simple operations).
– Semi-functional Memory test (just reads).
– Functional 2D test (paints some primitives).
– Functional OpenGL 3D test (paints a rotating pyramid).
– Semi-functional Disk test (just reads).
– Functional Optical drive test (reads and counts errors).
– Dummy serial port test (no checking).
– Parallel port and Network tests not implemented.

You can get the latest source from Git, here.

On a related note, it’s nice to find people talking about StressItOut, like here or here


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