Some time ago I got started with Qt and KDE coding and related stuff. I use this blog to post about things I develop while I learn.

For now, this is what you can find here:

Praedic: a simple plasmoid (plasma widget) to access the spanish RAE dictionary from your Plasma desktop.

StressItOut: a computer stress-test program.

DukeTrayem: a Duke Nukem icon for your system tray, with his funny quotes.

Auralquiz: a music quiz game, using your own music.

Enwith: a simple beat ‘em up (fighting) game, with many enemies and a fast pace.

Dianara: a pump.io application to manage your pump.io social networking (including identi.ca) without a web browser.

Revised: a basic visual editor for Ren’Py, still in the concept stage.

3 Responses to About…

  1. […] al menos hasta que este disponible la versión estable 0.9 en su momento. Agradecimientos a JanKusanagi por este fino […]

  2. talo says:

    hi jan!
    I’m interested abous asking you about a functionality of Dianara.
    My question is : can i have differents accounts in dianara ?.
    Thank you very much and , congratulations for your great software.

    • JanKusanagi says:

      Well, this would make more sense in the Dianara post, instead of this one, but all right…

      Dianara doesn’t support multiple accounts. It might support them in the future, but don’t hold your breath. It really wasn’t designed with that in mind.

      What I’ll probably do “soon”, is adding an option to use different configurations on startup, so you could have 2 Dianara’s running, with 2 different accounts. That’s more doable than the multiaccount thing :p

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