StressItOut v0.1 is out!

June 25, 2012

StressItOut v0.1 has been released.
You can download it from Qt-apps.

This overdue release fixes compilation with Qt version 4.8 and later, adds Ukrainian and Russian translations by Drool, an ALT Linux contributor, and has some basic lm_lensors support, along with other minor enhancements.

StressItOut packages are available on Archlinux’s AUR service, and on Alt Linux repositories.

You can get the latest development source from Git, here:

Thanks to all the packagers, translators, testers and bug reporters out there! \o/



May 14, 2012

Just a quick update to say two things:

1.- If you try Dianara, the Diaspora App, in its 0.2 version from nonGNU or Qt-apps, it won’t get any posts in the timeline. Some stuff has been changed in Diaspora, so you’ll need to test the development version of Dianara directly from Git.

2.- If you have problems running Auralquiz, my music guessing game (if it doesn’t play sound), check if you’re using Phonon-backend-gstreamer in your Phonon configuration. If so, try using Phonon-backend-vlc.

Auralquiz does not work right with the Gstreamer backend at this point, I don’t know yet if it’s some regression in the latest Phonon-gstreamer or a problem in the way Auralquiz handles things. Switching to the vlc-backend should help. Or the xine-backend, if you still can.


StressItOut v0.0.013 release

September 6, 2011

StressItOut v0.0.013, OpenGL 3D test

StressItOut v0.0.013 has been released.

You can download it from Qt-apps

Next version will be 0.1, since StressItOut is becoming more mature and complete 🙂

Current status for v0.0.013:

– Basic system analysis and hardware detection.
– Logging works.
– Functional multi-threaded CPU test (very simple operations).
– Semi-functional Memory test (just reads).
– Functional 2D test (paints some primitives).
– Functional OpenGL 3D test (paints a rotating pyramid).
– Semi-functional Disk test (just reads).
– Functional Optical drive test (reads and counts errors).
– Dummy serial port test (no checking).
– Parallel port and Network tests not implemented.

You can get the latest source from Git, here.

On a related note, it’s nice to find people talking about StressItOut, like here or here

Plasmoid: Praedic

September 22, 2010

Presenting my first plasmoid: Praedic.

The Praedic Plasmoid

It’s a very simple dictionary targeted at spanish users, or people learning spanish.

It searches the RAE online dictionary, which is the official spanish dictionary (Real Academia Española).

You can get it from, or directly via Plasma’s option “Download New Plasma Widgets

Usage is very straightforward: Enter a single word and hit enter or press the “Buscar en RAE” (search in RAE) button. There’s a slider on the right side to control the size of the text.

Feedback is welcome! 🙂

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