Dianara v1.2.2 is out!

July 31, 2014

This was supposed to be another small release, but it took longer than expected. The main new feature is proxy support, but it also comes with a bunch of little fixes and improvements.


Other interesting changes include case insensitive filters, animated image support in the image viewer, a basic help window and a better initialization process, so Dianara will try to get your profile, contacts and timelines on startup several times, if it fails due to network or server errors.

Packagers should note that the manpage has been moved to section 1, as suggested in a bug report, which makes more sense.



Most of the changes since v1.2.1:

  • Proxy configuration support. Password is not stored securely, so if you wish, you can leave it empty and be prompted for it on startup.
  • Animated images are now animated when viewed in the separate image viewer.
  • Filters are now case insensitive, ie. “openfarmgame” matches “OpenFarmGame”.
  • Added a delay before reloading all comments after posting a reply.
  • Enhanced initialization, so Dianara will keep on trying to get all initial data (your profile, etc) if it fails initially.
  • Basic Help window.
  • Configurable “unread post” color.
  • Show To/CC info in the timestamp tooltip of minor feed activities.
  • The Normalize Text Colors option in posts works in most cases now.
  • Link color is no longer specified, so other contacts will see links in the color configured by them.
  • New way to show attachments, including attached images.
  • Better filename suggestions when saving attachments.
  • Option to create bullet lists in the Format menu.
  • More symbols in the Format > Symbols menu.
  • Ask for confirmation when quitting Dianara if a post is being composed.
  • Pressing Enter in title field jumps to message body. Likewise, pressing the Up Arrow at the start of the message jumps to the title field.
  • Better notification of authentication-related errors.
  • Added some more fallback icons, for environments without (good) iconsets.
  • Updated Italian translation, by Metal Biker.
  • Partial updates to Polish translation by Derping Muffins and CyberKiller, and German translation by Emvigo.


Dianara 1.2.2 is available in English, Catalan, Spanish and Italian languages. Partial German and Polish translations are included.

Translators would of course be welcome to translate it to more languages 😉

Get it

Dianara is available in the repositories of several GNU/linux distributions. At this time, at least Debian Testing/Sid, Mageia 4, Chakra, Ubuntu 13.10/14.04, KaosX and openSUSE Factory. Thanks to all the great packagers who make this possible! 😉

You can find Fedora packages at Metal Biker’s repo.

You can also find Dianara in Archlinux’s AUR, and there is a Gentoo ebuild.

Also, a fellow pumper, LuisGF, provides builds of Dianara for MSwindows.


You can get the code from Qt-apps.org: http://qt-apps.org/content/show.php/Dianara?content=148103.

If you need to build from source, check the INSTALL file for details on how to build it and the necessary dependencies.




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