Say ‘hi’ to Dianara v1.1!

First of all… happy new year!

Once again, it took a little bit too long, but here it is! Dianara 1.1!


The main highlights of this version are the enhancements in the Meanwhile feed (specially the “+” button to open referenced posts), the filters, and the fact that you can add and remove members from person lists now.


Current status

Main changes since v1.0:

  • The Meanwhile feed now highlights activities related to you. There is a counter for new activities, which are also darker until clicked.
  • Button to open related posts from the Meanwhile feed. (Has issues, see issue #873)
  • Ability to manage members of person lists.
  • Filters to block activities in the Meanwhile feed containing certain words,  from certain users, or from certain applications (like Open Farm Game).
  • Button to get more (older) items in the Meanwhile feed.
  • The contact list gets all contacts now (previously limited to 200).
  • Own posts are no longer counted as new.
  • Some keyboard shortcuts have been hardcoded, so they should work under bare WMs, like OpenBox. Some new shortcuts have been added.
  • Better publisher layout. The option to select different publisher layouts has been removed.
  • Moved “Formatting” button out of the composer.
  • Different posts-per-page configurations for the main timeline and the rest.
  • Option to mark everything as read.
  • Show post’s location, if there is one.
  • Account configuration will show automatically on the first run of the program.
  • The interface should be more responsive now while updating timelines.
  • Option to normalize post text colors temporarily.
  • Some data is stored differently now, so a few things will reset on first use.
  • Lots of other small fixes and enhancements.

Dianara 1.1 is available in English, Catalan, Spanish and Italian languages.

Translators would be welcome to translate it to more languages 😉


Get it

Dianara is available in the repositories of several GNU/linux distributions. At this time, at least Debian Testing/Sid, Mageia Cauldron, Chakra and Ubuntu 13.10.

I’ve been told that it might also be coming to Fedora‘s repositories. For now, you can get it from Metal Biker’s repo where you can also find Pumpa, another client.

There are Dianara packages for openSUSE available. You can also find it in Archlinux’s AUR, and there is a Gentoo ebuild.

You can get the code from

Check the INSTALL file for details on how to build it.

Feedback is appreciated!


8 Responses to Say ‘hi’ to Dianara v1.1!

  1. cyberkiller1 says:

    Speaking of translations – I think I’ll have to drop making of the Polish translation. You are putting out new versions faster than I can find time to translate a few strings (I still haven’t finished v0.8). I hope somebody more capable than me comes along. Sorry :-(.

    • JanKusanagi says:

      Oh, don’t worry. Whenever you get the time, there’s no rush.
      Or I can add whatever you’ve done until now. Partial translation is better than no translation, isn’t it? =)

      • cyberkiller1 says:

        It’s very partial – currently it’s a bit over 50 strings translated :-P. OK, I’ll try to continue with this, but if somebody comes who’d like to take over then send them my way, I’ll pass to them what I already have.

        • JanKusanagi says:

          Ok, if someone offers to translate it into Polish, I’ll point them in your general direction!

          Also, the translation is cumulative, so whatever work you put into the 0.8 translation will be useful in the current version.
          There’s a catch, however. With time, some strings have probably disappeared, while others have been modified in some way. You should probably look into refreshing your .ts file (of course, make a backup first!) against the latest code, using the lupdate tool. Well, it doesn’t have to be the newest, just the one from the latest stable version you can actually use would suffice. Since XRevan86 said he’d update his repo to 1.1, I guess that’s no problem =)

          Let me know if you need help with that. I can also make the refreshing+merging of the files for you, if you wish.

          Cheers, and thanks!

          • cyberkiller1 says:

            Yeah I know how it goes with translations. Originally I intended to do update at around 80% done. I also think (cause I don’t use git) that it would be good if you did merge my file into your repo then, then you made the lupdate, and I’d download the updated file and merge it into mine. This way the program would have a useful partial (80%) translation and I had a base to work further. I’ll let you know when it comes to that.

        • JanKusanagi says:

          BTW, as you might’ve noticed, each new release is taking longer than the previous one. Also, since the program is already quite complete in general terms, I don’t expect a lot of new strings en 1.2 and later versions.

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