Dianara v1.3.6 is out!

A new minor version of Dianara, my desktop client for the Pump social network, has just been released.


This is a rather small release. A couple of the changes will only be enabled if Dianara is built with Qt 5.x, which has been officially supported since version 1.3.5.

Note that your system will need a Qt 5 build of the QOAuth library, which most GNU/linux distributions don’t provide yet. Mageia 6 does, and so does openSUSE (in a separate repository). If you have that, but experience problems building it this way, your QOAuth might be missing a feature file (.prf), like used to be the case in Debian.


The most notable changes since v1.3.5 are:

  • HTTP redirections will be followed when loading images (Qt 5 only).
  • Duration of popup notifications is now configurable, and notifications can be set to be persistent.
  • Some input fields will show a button to clear them (Qt 5 only).
  • Added Galician translation by EVAnaRkISTO (thanks!).


Dianara is available in the repositories of several GNU/linux distributions. At the time of this post, at least Debian 8 (Jessie) and newer, Mageia 4 and later, Chakra, Ubuntu 13.10 and newer, KaosX, openSuse 13.2 and later, Parabola and Salix OS. Hopefully they’ll have this release packaged soon, either in regular updates or in backports repositories. Thanks to all the great packagers who make this possible! 😉

You can find Fedora packages at Rye’s COPR repo, and at HowCanUHaveMyUsername’s repo (outdated). Maybe you could request Fedora to include it officially.

For Archlinux, you can find Dianara on the AUR, and for Gentoo, you can use the ebuild.

As for other platforms, LuisGF, a fellow pumper, provides builds of Dianara for MSwindows. He could use a hand creating updated packages, though!

Another fellow pumper, Alex Jordan is working on builds for OSX.

You can get the code from linux-apps.comlinux-apps.com/p/1131916/ or from GNU Savannah: download.savannah.gnu.org/releases/dianara/dianara-v1.3.6.tar.gz

If you need, or want, to build from source, check the INSTALL file for details on how to build it and the necessary build-time and runtime dependencies.

Cheers! o/


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