AkariXB v0.5 is out!!

Happy new year! Finally time for a new release of AkariXB, my Jabber/XMPP bot!

The main changes for this release include:

  • Honor “Send Messages To” setting in Activities.
  • Log outgoing private messages in corresponding chat module tab.
  • Ability to detach processes for commands of “Run program” type. *** Previously defined commands of this type will need to be reconfigured. ***
  • Keyword-based commands will list possible queries when no parameter is given.
  • Option to hide window in system tray on startup.


The source code for this release can be downloaded from linux-apps.com, part of the opendesktop.org network, and from AkariXB release archive at akarixb.nongnu.org.

Development repository is at gitlab.com/akarixb/akarixb-dev.

The main dependencies are Qt 5 and the QXmpp library. Building with Qt 4 is no longer supported.

AkariXB is available in the repositories of Mageia 6 and later. I hope it can be included in more GNU distributions soon. If you’re interested in having it in yours, ask them 😉

Cheers! o/


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