Another week, another release… Dianara v0.6 is out!

Hello there!

I just released v0.6 of Dianara, my app.


I’m using it daily now, and I barely need the web interface.

Current status

In addition to what was possible in v0.5, this release adds:

– Option to show all comments in a post.

– Shows if the user has liked a post, and allows to ‘unlike’ it. The user can also see who liked a post, in a tooltip.

– The contact list now shows all the contacts, both ‘following’ and ‘followers’.

– Uploading images is now possible, although they still can’t have title and description.

– The user can select if a post goes to Public, Followers or both.

– Clicking on posted images shows them in full size, in an internal viewer.

– There is a link in every post to open it in the web browser.

– Autoupdates don’t interrupt the user while browsing the timeline.

And, of course, lots of other small bugfixes and minor cleanups.

There’s still some way to go before Dianara can be considered ready, but at this point, I find it quite usable for my daily use. Some parts of it are still rough, and there are some annoyances, but those will probably go away soon.

Get it

You can get the code from, and hopefully we’ll see Dianara packaged for some GNU/linux distributions soon. For now, you can at least find it in Archlinux’s AUR. And I’ve been told that a Gentoo Ebuild is coming.

Debian users might need some components from the experimental branch at this time. Check the INSTALL file for details.

Feedback is appreciated!


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