Dianara 0.7 is out!

Hi! This blog has become kind of Dianara-centric lately, but you know… The program is in very active development these days. I just released v0.7.


Current status

Main changes since v0.6:

  • Messages tab, showing posts specifically directed to you.
  • Activity tab, listing your own posts.
  • Favorites tab, listing the posts you’ve liked.
  • Show recipients of a post, the “To” and “CC” fields.
  • New options in the formatting menu in the publisher:
    “preformatted block” and “insert image from web site”.
  • Minor feed, a.k.a. “the meanwhile column”.
  • Show “inserted images”, in addition to the image in Picture-type posts.
  • Autorefresh of timelines will not interrupt while commenting. This was very annoying.
  • Confirmation when canceling a message if there’s content in it.
  • Show where links go when hovering them.
  • Several other small fixes and optimizations. For a complete list, see the CHANGELOG file.

Note that SSL errors are ignored, for now. This is bad security-wise, but it only affects when downloading images, and well… the pump.io network is pretty trustworthy at this time anyway 😉

I just changed the SSL error handling to ignore them because some Pump servers have self-signed certificates and that could cause annoyances. I’ll do something better for next version.


Get it

You can get the code from Qt-apps.org: http://qt-apps.org/content/show.php/Dianara?content=148103, and hopefully we’ll see Dianara packaged for some GNU/linux distributions soon. For now, you can at least find it in Archlinux’s AUR, and there is a Gentoo Ebuild.

Debian users might need some components from the experimental branch at this time. Check the INSTALL file for details.

Feedback is appreciated!


7 Responses to Dianara 0.7 is out!

  1. XanVFR says:

    Keep on with your great work with the app!!

    Almost got it to work in OpenSUSE 12.3. It keeps crashing after a few seconds after authorizing Dianara. I copied the binary in /usr/bin

    Here’s the debug output

    ***@***:~> dianara –debug:
    Fontconfig warning: “/etc/fonts/conf.d/56-user.conf”, line 9: reading configurations from ~/.fonts.conf is deprecated.
    Dianara v0.7 – JanKusanagi 2012-2013
    Debug messages enabled

    Got authorized token; Dianara is authorized to access the account
    Token: “********”
    TokenSecret: “***************”
    New userID is: “*******************”
    Requested user profile: QUrl( “***********” )
    UserID updated from AccountDialog: “***********”
    Request finished. HTTP code: 200
    Size: 1265 bytes; URL: QUrl( “*************” )
    isFinished()? true ; Request type: 3
    HTTP 200: OK!
    JSON data size (items): 4
    Keys: (“nickname”, “profile”, “published”, “updated”)
    A user profile was requested
    Received OWN profile
    Updated profile data from server: “******************”
    Own avatar URL: “***************”
    Using cached avatar for user
    PumpController::getInitialData() step 0
    Getting timeline “*******************”
    with params: QMap((“count”, “20”)(“offset”, “0”))

    Authorization Header: “OAuth count=”20″,oauth_consumer_key=”***”,oauth_nonce=”******”,oauth_signature=”*******”,oauth_signature_method=”HMAC-SHA1″,oauth_timestamp=”1371406347″,oauth_token=”***********”,oauth_version=”1.0″,offset=”0″”

    Final URL to retrieve: QUrl( “**************” )
    Request finished. HTTP code: 200
    Size: 74870 bytes; URL: QUrl( “**************” )
    isFinished()? true ; Request type: 6
    HTTP 200: OK!

    Size: 1517 bytes; URL: QUrl( “************” )
    isFinished()? true ; Request type: 9
    HTTP 200: OK!
    JSON data size (items): 6
    Keys: (“author”, “displayName”, “items”, “links”, “totalItems”, “url”)
    A timeline was requested
    JSON parsed OK
    Number of items in timeline: 0
    It was the favorites timeline
    Removing previous posts from timeline
    List to delete: (Post(0x29f3810) )
    will deleteLater: Post(0x29f3810)
    New posts: 0 ; Newest post ID: “”
    setTimeLineContents() /END
    Segment violation

  2. XanVFR says:

    It works fine now. Keep on rockin’

    Great application.


  3. […] Main changes since v0.7: […]

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