Revisit your past: Dianara v1.2.4 is out!

Another almost-monthly release.


The main new features are the page selector, which you can use to jump to any page in your timeline (you can go to your first post directly, for instance), and the (optional) snippets in the Meanwhile feed. By default, snippets for the activities will be shown when the activity is highlighted, except if the activity is yours. This mostly means you’ll be able to see a part of a comment to one of your posts, or a comment matching one of your highlighting filters, for instance, directly on the side panel.



Main changes since v1.2.3:

  • Optional snippets in the Meanwhile feed, with configurable character limit.
  • Clicking the button that shows the page number at the bottom of a timeline (or pressing Control+G) will open a window to jump to any page.
  • Menu option to enable/disable timeline auto-updating.
  • New status bar icon indicates initialization stage and state of auto-updates. Clicking it will also toggle the state of auto-updates.
  • Tray icon shows how many of the new messages are also highlighted.
  • Names of recipients are shown as links in the Publisher, so hovering over them will show their addresses in the status bar.
  • More logging, specifically during initial client registration and the authorization token process.
  • Settings dialog switched from tabs to stacked view, to have more categories in the future.
  • Added a TRANSLATING file, with instructions for new translators.
  • Fixed quoting texts containing “<” and “>”.
  • Fixed long shutdown time.
  • Other small visual changes and fixes.


Dianara 1.2.4 is available in English, Catalan, Spanish and Italian languages. Partial German and Polish translations are included.

More translators would be welcome to translate it to more languages, of course 😉

Get it

Dianara is available in the repositories of several GNU/linux distributions. At this time, at least Debian Testing/Sid, Mageia 4/5, Chakra, Ubuntu 13.10/14.04, KaosX and openSuse Factory. Thanks to all the great packagers who make this possible! 😉

You can find Fedora packages at HowCanUHaveMyUsername’s repo.

For Archlinux, you can find Dianara on the AUR, and for Gentoo, you can use the ebuild.

As for other platforms, LuisGF, a fellow pumper, provides builds of Dianara for MSwindows and is working on builds for OSX.


You can get the code from

If you need or wish to build from source, check the INSTALL file for details on how to build it and the necessary dependencies.




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