One Dianara v1.2.5 coming up!

Hi! As planned, here’s a new release of Dianara for the end of the year.


Some of the main new features are the new Mentions and Actions feeds, which are basically the same as the Meanwhile feed, but with only activities addressed to you, and only activities done by you. Then, the expandable labels. Some of the information labels such as the “10 minutes ago” or “7 likes” in posts will expand when clicked, to show extra information. Some parts of that extra information was available previously in tooltips, but now that extra information might contain clickable links, too, such as user names.

Also, the way of showing when a post got to your timeline via sharing is clearer and more informative, and pasting a link that looks like it’s pointing to an image will ask if you wish to insert it as a regular link or as a visible image.


Main changes since v1.2.4:

  • Mentions and Actions feeds. Access them via keyboard with Control+1/2/3 (keyboard shortcut to reload Meanwhile feed has been changed to F2).
  • Made some of the labels expandable; they will show extra information when clicked.
  • Offer to insert links to image files as embedded images, when pasting.
  • Very long post titles will be cut when posting.
  • Shared posts now show sharer’s information in a wide line at the top.
  • Show warning when posting only to Followers, but having none.
  • Added new configuration categories, and rearranged some options.
  • Added option to show post client information directly.
  • Option to insert basic tables in messages.
  • Avatar menus now sync their Follow/Unfollow option based on global contact list changes.
  • Added more fallback icons.
  • Added Control+Enter shortcut for the “Done” button when selecting specific recipients for a message.
  • Enhancements in the experimental group support.
  • Added a few changes to support GNU Mediagoblin‘s upcoming API. You’ll be able to use Dianara to post to Mediagoblin sites once its 0.8.0 version is out.
  • Added links to the User Guide (
  • Fixed #4: some memory leaks, thanks to a patch by Gregor Herrmann.
  • Fixed wrong order in list of likes in posts.
  • Fixed extra spaces inserted when creating links in the middle of some existing text.
  • Other small fixes.

Dianara 1.2.5 is available in English, Catalan, Spanish, Italian and German languages. There’s a partial Polish translation included.

More translators would be welcome to translate it to more languages, of course 😉

Get it

Dianara is available in the repositories of several GNU/linux distributions. At this time, at least Debian Testing/Sid, Mageia 4 and later, Chakra, Ubuntu 13.10 and later, KaosX and openSuse 13.2 and later. Thanks to all the great packagers who make this possible! 😉

You can find Fedora packages at HowCanUHaveMyUsername’s repo.

For Archlinux, you can find Dianara on the AUR, and for Gentoo, you can use the ebuild.

As for other platforms, LuisGF, a fellow pumper, provides builds of Dianara for MSwindows and is working on builds for OSX.


You can get the code from

If you need or wish to build from source, check the INSTALL file for details on how to build it and the necessary dependencies.




2 Responses to One Dianara v1.2.5 coming up!

  1. […] main change since v1.2.5 has been the refactoring of the way the timelines are handled, which makes updates much faster. […]

  2. […] main change since v1.2.5 has been the refactoring of the way the timelines are handled, which makes updates much faster and […]

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