Good bye, 2018! And AkariXB v0.6 is out!!

Happy new year… already for some, and almost for some others! Time for a new release of AkariXB, my Jabber/XMPP bot, with some more polish!

Changes for this release include:

  • Parameters passed to a command can be inserted in the reply, via %params%, and the nickname of the calling user can be inserted with %user%.
  • In chatrooms, commands that have a custom reply pattern won’t show the nickname of the user who triggered the command, unless specified.
  • Ability to report uptime.
  • When connection is lost, reconnection will always be attempted.
  • Connection keepalive timeout will be forced to be lower than keepalive interval, to ensure proper timeouts.
  • Basic handling of headline (broadcast) messages.
  • Option to show detailed XML debug info in the console.
  • Changed OK/Cancel buttons in some dialogs to follow the environment’s style.

Note to packagers: .desktop file and AppData file have been renamed to comply with current standards.

The source code for this release can be downloaded from (not uploaded here yet), part of the network, and from AkariXB release archive at

Development repository is at

The main dependencies are Qt 5 and the QXMPP library.

AkariXB is available in the repositories of Mageia 6 and later, and Rosa 2016.1. I hope it can be included in more GNU distributions soon. If you’re interested in having it in yours, just ask them 😉

Cheers! o/


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